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A.E.: PEN is the human rights arm of writers’ bodies one would expect that they would take up the issue with ANA and NNLG, since a group of writers are being ‘de-enfranchised’ to paraphrase the poet, Odia Ofeimun.


R.R.: I think this question is the same as the previous one. There is no question about PEN’s commitment to support cases of literary disenfranchisement wherever they are whether in Nigeria or any part of Africa and the rest of the world. The indemnity of the writer and the journalist is an important cornerstone in the work of PEN worldwide. I believe that there is so much work to be done in Nigerian  PEN; the committee system of the organization has not been exploited well enough; and the writer’s and the journalist’s expectations from the body should be commensurate with his or her participation or interest in the organization’s activity. Right now, we are considered a strategic centre in the world body and the leading centre in the syndicate of African centres. It would be a shame if we cannot network properly among ourselves as writers and journalists to force positive change where negativity rules.


A.E.: Remi Raji, thank you very much for your valuable time.


R.R.: All my pleasure.



*Remi Raji is Aderemi Raji-Oyelade Poems by Remi Raji


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