this hypnosis shall pass away


in the landscape of her sex

in her watery womanhood

in the emirate of her beauty


†††† Iím hypnotized, spiritualized

††††† let her jazz grow volume on my ears!


her folklore sprouts

a thousand strands of lust

a marketing instinct of her sex


†††† this volume of her arrogant jazz

††††† is mockery of my malehood


and now that earth has suddenly split!

and now that sky collapses in disgrace!


no. I wonít be the stubborn penis

whose eyes are blind to restless pubic

not the irresponsible moan

that spawns pods of illegitimacy


this hypnosis shall pass away

in the pace of stubborn typhoid


neurotic phases II


I was a quiet ram with gentle eyes

but all they want is

a lion with enough claws to maim


I dusted my conscience to make meaning to man

but all they long for is

an empty shell of a furious soul


I singled out a tongue that wombed soft words

and all they needed is

fiery sword as metaphor of sounds


now Iím a fullgrown riddle

splitting their brains in wisdomís backyard

like a ghostís syntax Iíll remain unparsed

all elements tenaciously clung

in mesmeric lair of lexis


and their frail limbs are huddled

into this neurotic phase

and words snatched from their lips crammed

into another neurotic phase


ha! How can I extricate these tonguetwisters

seething the land with strange, unmouthed words

how can I pour this sick god of eyes

libation for total healing. How?


<<<†† >>>

Sentinel Poetry #32