Things Change (For Sadat)


At night,

I lie on the bed of solitude...

I see this life:

it is the moulting skin of chrysalis.

All things happen:

night wears the glows of stars,

the moon smears her face with blood,

streetlamps draw tattoos on hideouts,

spiders weave cobwebs of time,

bats mate in silence

as a woman searches her streets of dreams for love.



I spread myself

like an avatar awaiting consecration,

I drift slowly, slowly into sleep...

I imagine things will change:

life will become a camera lens

tempting me to preserve her hourglass frame;

a star will roll across the night,

nestling between my fingers,

she will become the hand that consecrates my being.

I will become someone else's love, tonight, I hope.



a frame lies on the bed of memories,


cobwebs, like layers of dust, slung

in emptiness,

over the remains of night, dreams, sleep, the moon and the stars,

that's me, caught in time

that's me, trapped in the right angles

of a camera lens...as other things changed.

But I have seen this life,

it is an imago, you see!



Things Change won the Sentinel Poetry Bar challenge for April 2005 on the theme of Change.


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