It is useful to keep abreast of the poetic progress of writers featured here in the past. Emman Usman Shehu has come out with “Open Sesame”, a follow-up to his 1987 “Question for Big Brother”, issued  by Update Publishers in collaboration with the Association of Nigerian Authors. Five simultaneous books came out in the same year by this same publisher in what became popularly known as the update six.  This was the result of the energetic efforts of Odia Ofeimun, ANA General secretary at the time, who insisted on harvesting the rich crop of poetic renaissance in the Nigerian scene. Interestingly, Another Nigerian poet of Emman Shehu’s Generation, Chiedu Ezeanah, has finally come out with his long-awaited collection.  He calls it “The Twilight Trilogy” (Kraft books). It is a voluminous collection of the efforts of the past twenty years. Niyi Osundare, renowned Nigerian poet and scholar comments on the outing in the Nigerian Gaurdian’s ‘Artsville’ column. Click here. Our guest Poet for the month of June, Canadian Andy Weaver, has brought out a collection, “Were the bees” (Edmonton, Alberta: NeWest Press, 2005).  Experimental poetry has become a new-fangled global phenomenon. Weaver comments on the uses and abuses of experimental poetry in the Canadian scene in our interview with him. Have a good read!


Amatoritsero Ede

June 1, 2005


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