Matt Leporati’s “She Gazes” continued from previous page



That cry! It startles Helen; her soul is rent

With lust--a shiver travels down her spine,

Accompanied by tears falling in torrents

Down her faded cheek, as does all Time,

Temporal concerns fading like the breath

Of dying warriors into the wind.

All conscious thinking halts, the mind propelled

Past all the realms of heaven and of hell,


 Past joy and sorrow, into eternity.

The darkness swirls by her warrior's eyes,

Conducting his spirit, unfettered and free,

To the supreme union, now more alive

Than e'er he was in life, his Self complete

In the rapture of True Love. Holy light

Of infinite space surrounds the Divine

Couple, who share a draught sweeter than wine.


 She gazes at her boy, her chosen one,

Whose body she has gathered in her arms.

So pure! as bright as the dawning sun

Arising; she wishes not for his harm

Or well-being, desiring only Love.

The curtain of life has been lifted- gone

Is all distinction, forgotten is pain.

In their embrace, Love and Death are the same.



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