In the spirit of the internationalism espoused and encouraged here, we try to present a variety of schools of poetry from around the globe. For the May edition we have poets from Nigeria, the UK and the USA. We have had poets from Indonesia, Japan or china; we have featured haikus, light verse, symbolist poetry ranging from the serious to the light-hearted. All those published here cannot be limited or only influenced by local or national literary traditions in a world where identity is more and more unstable. The immigrant condition sees to that.† Multiculturalism and globalism permeate literary creativity as they do other aspects of postmodern life. In essence irrespective of the editorís predilections, critical judgment cannot be prescriptive and should not interfere with an objective appraisal of poems, which genealogy the editor might not personally like but which expresses other equally valid schools. The only yardstick is that such poetry should represent the best within a particular tradition or, at the least, show some perspiration, some inspiration and a lot of promise. In this edition we have an interview with an interesting poet-priest and journalist, our Nigerian guest poet, Afam Akeh. Efforts will be made to have the monthly interview as a regular feature as in the past. There is also an effort to bring more reviews and critical essays on poetry in the future. We encourage readers to keep an eye out and by all means do submit interviews of your favourite poets for possible publication in Sentinel Poetry.


Amatoritsero Ede


01 May 2005


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