Your eyeballs mooning in the sunset’s flood

Rouse me to their heat and fire.

What a tangled night out!


Wild and ripe and harsh

Your ear-splitting rumblings roar still:


Why are you staring at me?

Just go, don’t get me uptight, Chiedu…

What do you want, really?

You want to blame my temper

You’re not the first boyfriend I have who…


Wild and harsh

Your swift outrage feeds this moment-


I flood myself with its odours

Of prophecies lost.




Now you’re amidst the Delta-I have criss-crossed

Absolute nightfall inventing rivers…


Between the furling and unfurling

Of a sail to your body’s borders

I keep predicting the moment of salt communion

As winds flow into winds at the mouth of rivers


At Catharina’s nuptials, a December ago

Ogwashi-Uku , embroidered, half full of dunes

Decreed keen aches for rivers and for you

And the camera kidnapped us in a brief embrace


Now Ibadan tastes of fictive Thursdays.

A thousand maidens mimic you uttering no caress

Obie, your myth-dissolving eyes flow into my song’s hour

I keep seeing us clasping and unclasping in the kissing the creeks…






Be my metaphor

Be my life.

It spins it’s true


We know twilights

We know the blaze

`We know longing’s


Very sound-

Every pulse we boon

Every pitch

Hitches the pain

Between yearnings

And you

And me.


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SENTINEL POETRY #29, Online Magazine Monthly,  April 2005, ISSN 1479-425X