Online Magazine Monthly -- March 2005
Amatoritsero Ede

Tade Ipadeola "The Barbican Songs" continued from previous page

Deep Drums:      5.

Rapture is that moment caught between soil and soul
In which God's choice of a child
Dazzles the earth.

The deed and the date remain.
The deed and the date remain
Unsolved like bolts of thunder, prominent
Like blood
Splashed on palace walls.

String:      6.

The raven returns with a song, she returns
From her frolic of the earth, she returns from the farthest stars, she returns with pluck.

How does the raven sing? To whom is the music of the raven revealed?
The raven sings like rain; she sings like storm,
Her voice is bat-clamour to restive trees,
Her voice is a thousand meanings in a clutch.

Long Gong:     7.

The rain- makers say that blame belongs to us.
When it rains, it cataracts,
The drought drains us skywards-
The rain-makers say that blame belongs to us.

We hear the verdicts all around, how
Well we deserve our just deserts
The oracles surround us with their truths
And we are captive to their sentences…

But let us not point the finger too hard, frail
As we know ourselves to be
Frail as we are
Shielded only by our barbicans.

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