Online Magazine Monthly -- March 2005
Amatoritsero Ede

Nikesh Murali "Untitled" continued from previous page


The day I saw you,

Your blue eyes deep like the ocean,
Which hides the tides of time.
Even as life erodes man and machine,
The earth and the skies,
You remain timeless, my love
Like a pearl that dreams its cerulean dreams.

The day I saw you,

Your face that makes the stars in the sky jealous
And twinkle in the first hours of the night
Like celestial dancers etched on the temple walls.
Your face like a wild flower
That desires the approval of my touch
And blooms secretly at dusk.

The day I saw you,
I was reborn.


Today I saw a yellow flower,

Shivering in delight as the rain ravished her mane.
Naked leaves smiled mischievously
As the sky hid her blue eyes behind dark eyelids.
It reminded me of the first time I saw you…
You were standing on a sheet of dancing pearls
As the rain washed the colours off weeping willows
And dyed your feet lilac.
You smiled as the cold streams of monsoon
Raced down your forehead to places of pleasure
And your lips red as blood aroused by the insane downpour
Opened to greet the love of the clouds.
Your eyes closed slowly as if to shelter this moment of passion,
Shield it with your eyelids,
And your arms ran down your body searching for the arms of your lover.
Today I saw a yellow flower
Shivering in delight as the rain ravished her mane.
It reminded me of you
And the rain that brought us together.

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