Editor's Note

I thank the out-going editor Nnorom Azuonye for his kind words and his legacy. The sentinel poetry movement is 'moving' to new levels. The idea of multiple representations is exactly what brings me on board. Poetic excellence is the watchword. I want poems that are unusual in their power of conviction, in their abruptness of expression. Poems that hold you by the short of the hairs!

The preceding years have been fruitful. The sentinel poetry movement hopes to build on those years and raise the level of poetic utterance. Internationalism is a maiden idea which still holds very strongly. This is poetry without borders. We welcome poetry from the five corners of the world!  Because the poet is a visionary and does not see only four corners. It is a rhombus this side of the equator. Dare to be contrary!

Amatorisero Ede


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