ISSN 1479-425X

Magazine Monthly

Issue #20  - July 2004

Kole Ade-Odutola


Writer’s communiqué


A bearded writer 
invades our dream 
begging for bearing 
to thoughts we shared 
on global commons. 
Ogun in seven parts 
replicates in the G7 
without their knowledge. 

The carnage on the paths 
of history traces its roots 
to the revolution of machines 
with dreams of power 
on motherboards of illusion 
The gun powder 
un-balances the forces 
reducing choices 
creating losses 
sucking up surpluses 
from nations not yet Nations 

Ogun in seven parts 

takes new sacrifices from cross-roads
crossing boundaries with motherboards 
buried in binary bytes and bits 
like Orunmila's opele ifa 

feeding faithfuls with facts 
for the future. 

The bearded writer with multiple 

plans finds a bearing in silence 
crippled by silence 
as a new gong grows a handle. 

Ifa Agboniregun 

The knower and the known, 
the sower of words that breeds 
fruits of now and the future. 

Let our words feature on the critics plate, 
let our flame burn beyond 
scrolls on which we write 

Let our dreams scream headlines 
in the confluence of ideas...


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