ISSN 1479-425X

Magazine Monthly

Issue #20  - July 2004



Supermarket Sonnet

Married but still looking, for the clothes that
look a little too young for you. Isle six,
and vegetables where the stalk is cut,
bad minerals, on a cleaned plate of your art.
baby is board, it will not eat for you,
blame it on naughty daddy and sigh,
look at these hips, these thighs, marked blue and white,
can you get that down for me love, I cant
reach anymore, I really need it. So pretty,
the till girl eyes your teenage daughter up
and up, down, late periods and food stamps
for the last time, hanging on their eye lids,
in the passenger seat, the ‘clean me’ notes,
‘also in white,’ wearing those supermarket clothes.



Lever has just completed his second year at Lancaster University studying a BA in English Lit and Creative Writing. He hails from Barnsley, South Yorkshire,


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