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Issue #20† - July 2004



Thank you for dropping by for some poetry in the July issue of our magazine. I am pleased that we have now published 20 issues and the support is still very strong.


I have to apologise for the very slim issue this month. I have really been pressed for time, especially this month that we also plan to release the first print magazine from sentinel. As you might already be aware, the maiden issue Sentinel Poetry Quarterly will be published on the 30th of July 2004. We are now accepting submissions for the second issue. Please send your poems to:


From August 2004, we will return to the original format of the sentinel poetry (online) which will aside from the poems and interviews also feature information on print and electronic poetry markets, and poetry contests from around the world. We shall also introduce for the benefit of all aspiring poets who read the magazine ó a poetry school section. Every month, we will ask a practising poet to help us all better understand a form of poetry or a device in the art of poetry writing.


Have a great time with this magazine and may God bless all your creative efforts.


Nnorom Azuonye

July 1, 2004



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