i watch my blob
of saliva caught
in the fangs of rushing water

rushing down the steps
to where oblivion reigns
like a digestive enzyme

some steps now lead nowhere.
they once promised a lot

and delivered, until
a reconfiguration of architecture.

like lives unable to convince you of their destination.


A tangling vine
Of placenta

Around the plasticine
Of his neck

A struggling twin
Is the table

He kicked out
From under unformed feet

Is where he dangles………..


Where were you
When cities Jostled

An atlas of Rumbling Elbows

When I was schemed out
When early I stumbled
And fell

A Geography of Misplacement

When I spread my shell

A Coordinate of obese stones

And tears joined hands
In rivery unity

Around and under
The rocks

An Architecture of AncientWonderness

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