Spewing words, she was a manic girl
'Space Aliens' and telepathy ruled her world
With the look on her face, she'd never lied
As nurses matched her pace, one either side
Emergency arrival, one taken in
One more psycho in our loony bin
The on-call doctor nervously followed
Sharpened face, cheeks hollowed
Feet shuffle along the disinfected floor
As they weave to the heavy armed door
Where they go for weeks then come back
Quiet voice and eyes circled black
Veteran now I watched them pass
She's happy now, but will it last?

Right now I don't see a future
You won't understand why I've done this
I'm sorry to all that I've hurt
This makes me feel the guiltiest.
If all goes wrong, don't put me on a machine
I hope you understand why I say this
Don't forget my donor card
All of you I'm going to miss
Mum and Dad you raised me right
Both of you I'm going to miss
Best parents in the world
Can you understand why I did this?
Benja I love you so much
Ever since our first kiss
Finish your degree, make me proud
What drove me to do this?
Keavy and Abbie my little nieces
I wonder if you'll ever see this?
I'm sorry I ran out of birthdays
I want you to know you'll always be missed
Annie I never made that call to you
You are the last on my list
This is the final goodbye
Can you understand why I did this?


Two thin lines
Drawn across in distress
How hard you push
Determines the mess
It's visible that one
Couldn't care less
"Accident at work"
You never confess
Something now real
A wound to dress
Wait a second
You're just like the rest
We're all hurting
We're all depressed
Different ways
To show our grotesque
All of us human
One heart in one chest
Let's pull together
And do our best

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