ADAM DICKINSON graduated from the University of New Brunswick with his MA in 1999 winning the David H Walker Prize from the university, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in English at the University of Alberta, Edmonton where he won the Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize in 2001. He is the author of Cartography and Walking a book of poetry published by Brick Books, Canada in 2002. The poems "Before We Learned to Live in One Place," "Great Slave Lake Disclosure," and "Sympathetic Nervous System" are taken from this book. For more information on Dickinson and interview click here

TOPE OMONIYI (PhD) is a senior lecturer in the School of English and Modern Languages, University of Surrey Roehampton. Farting Presidents & Other Poems his first volume of poems was published by Kraft Books in 2001. His poems have appeared in journals in Nigeria (ANA Review), Singapore (AWARE), Malaysia (Tenggara & The Gombak Review), USA (Quill Books and Anthropology & Humanism), UK (The Unruly Sun), two Forward Press anthologies, and in Sweden (Nordic African Institute Newsletter). In 1985, he won a runner-up prize in the National Anti-Apartheid Poetry Competition in Nigeria and in 2001, he won second prize for poetry in the Anthropology & Humanism Annual Writing Competition.

OLLIE POWELL is a 24-year-old Creative Studies in English major student at Bath-Spa University College, entering his final year in September 2004.

JEFFREY L. WILLIAMS, Jr. is a freelance writer from New York City. He is also a writer for a Lifestyles magazine in New Jersey.

TOLULOPE OGUNLESI, in addition to being a member of the Advisory Crew of The MUSE APPRENTICE GUILD is the author of the just released poetry collection LISTEN TO THE GECKOS SINGING FROM A BALCONY (oct 2003; Jacobyte Books, Australia;

ROLLAND B. HEISS Poet and Musician writes from Spokane, WA, USA.

HELEN WOODWARD This poet did not submit a bio with her poems.

NNOROM AZUONYE author of Letter To God and Other Poems (2003, Nsibidi Africana Publishers, Milton, USA) is the Founder/Administrator of Sentinel Poetry Movement and Editor of Sentinel Poetry (Online) magazine.
In addition to interviews with writers, his recent publications include poems in "For The Love Of God" (2004, Beaumont Publishing Singapore ISBN 981-05-0803-4) edited by Desmond Kon, Poetry Monthly and Olongo.

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