Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine Monthly...Since December 2002   ISSN 1479-425X
JUNE 2003, ISSUE #7

Emeka Aroh

here, kids line the fence
lost in their dreams
hungrily looking into our base, camp bondsteel
they wish they were at the other side of the divide
in their own land
they see the stars and stripes of freedom
fly high freely in the sky
and wondered why they could not
fly a kosova flag in kosovo, and wept
tears, as peace keepers, we could not wipe away
up in the towers and tanks, we stood guard and watched
wondering what it felt like
to be them; pristine and primary
to walk the earth, sunrise to sunset with nature
and not tire, to survive and triumph without hope
sometimes, we met, divided still by the fence
and exchanged smiles furtively with candies of love
language reduces our eager chatter to silence
but we connect in spirit and bow with shame
to human suffering
and the deep hurt inside of us all
embarrassed, we nodded in silence
shook hands too quickly
turned around and went home
and cried in our private worlds
of conflicts.
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