Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine Monthly...Since December 2002   ISSN 1479-425X
JUNE 2003, ISSUE #7

Emeka Aroh

'and he jumped'
he climbed up the cliff
not to die
but to look
to see what Hemingway and others before him had seen
before they jumped
he wondered
how could they have seen all that he was seeing
creation in all its grandeur
virgin. wild. open. endless with hope
and thought to jump
humbled, he sat still
and watched the lilies in bloom waving at him
legs dangling in the wind
he waited for sunset to meet his eyes
in time as the ravens go home to roost
then he saw it, and was fulfilled inside
he ceased the moment, and let go like the others
perfect into eternity
this was after the war
a decorated veteran, peace conquered him

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