Sentinel Poetry (Online) Magazine Monthly...Since December 2002   ISSN 1479-425X
JUNE 2003, ISSUE #7

Emeka Aroh

Before I Go
as rounds fall closer
I write frantically to all the people I know
except my mom and dad
thankful for the privilege of knowing them
a blessing I cannot repay
apologizing to many I hurt on the way
mistakes nothing can undo
after lights out in the tents
I pray
confessing to free myself of the shame
and guilt of sin
fears that profess the nature and true essence
of the God I serve
this, I carry like an albatross
in my conscience and cry myself to sleep
but wake up angry
for the 'weakness' I express in solitude
the riot of emotions that plague my mind
as I watch my buddies carried away
in body bags home in stained colors
while the steel and slippery reigns of discipline
hold us back from fighting dirty
and unleashing the wrath of our science
upon a cursed enemy
rather, I salute each one, and shake it off
my face to the sun
as I drop this mail to you
I'm sorry.

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