Two Poems

Water House In The Meadows

Water house in the meadows singing lullabies
with peach trees.
Blue water lonely in a sea of heartache
under the bridge a flame with fingers of love.
Small fingers touch the end of my hands
in a dirty stream of tears.
I want love inside of me this ghost of a shadow
in the meadow of time.
Singing softly the ego of dreams.
Green grass growing outside the flower seed
dreams alone.
In the meadows,
Sad tones and shells covering me in star
like rhythms.
Pressing life against the moon glowing
in human ecstasy -

A Puppet On A String

A puppet on a string
or a curly rod tattered
and torn from abuse
and a weak strain
through the stage.

Bathroom paper into a form
for an act from history
in time wet irons hot absorbed
into fire.
Weak wire.
Clothes pins.
Hot baths.
A puppet on a string
or a curly hair spread out
on a comb.

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