I came to fight him, to kill him!
I had felt that hot breath before
I felt it when my baby's eyes went dim
As I cried on the cold, hard floor.

I felt it when my lover broke my heart.
I felt it when my family fell apart.
Now, I thought I would have revenge,
I would slay the beast. I would make amends!

The beast was strong but would not fight,
He simply grabbed me in his jaws so tight.
I could once again feel the heat
I will die here. I had reached defeat.

But the dragons breath was very cold.
I knew my death would soon take hold.
And now I finally understood the heat.
It was not the dragon, but the taste of defeat.


Can you hear it?
The hum of the breeze
in the rocks, in the trees
and everything all around us.

Can you smell it?
The fragrance of wine
of flowers, of pine,
and all things that remind us.

Can you see it?
The heat of the fire
in anger, in desire
and in the passion that takes us.

Can you taste it?
The sweetness in berries,
in tea, in black cherries,
and in the blood that binds us.

Can you feel it?
The vibration of air
on birds wings, and in prayer
and in the ghosts that whisper.

As blood returns to the earth,
spirits return to the sky.
Balance is returned to her family,
though grief will not part her mind.

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