Four Poems


in the mirror I have come down check
a smell up like chowpati sea on
an ebb desiccated marigolds
through monkey gingivitis
there are name changes
to major institutions
tilak scalp scab
eye trenches contour
sad dark however Scottish widows have looked
after the liturgical calendar square
again finances again all thin filter night long though I'm advised
not to hide my lamp under the meal-tub never-the-less
she rang and told paralysis and only having the one car
not to make a big deal out of it
but this has passed and she's some-
what better now and I am saying I am so sorry
                                                 I didn't know yet
                                     how was I
a familiar pock got to hand it to her
a teenage boil which had to be drawn out by black-jack ointment
another wyatt earp president
no man would stand:
                                  somewhat a slovenly martyrish coming
                                  putting his signature
                                  licking it better
                                  real best deal research lack
                                  getting through dark days
                                  so many and dare and simply spin, spin
                                  massaging cramps, he must have to
                                  being compared
                                  losing dacha-kudos
                                  my old school/his ground
                                  pocketing loss
                                  smoothing sack cloth


serpent coils atop a tree
what might it have been before consigned to crawl
she had four by then and was two weeks off
              four full shopping bags you know
                                            two of each
                                         either side &
down blood
  came pouring filling her
          boots she went through the lot that one
so so sick three
transfusions and brain x-rays in them days they didn't 
at her now a degree of knowledge
                              of good and evil and all that upon
its belly
in mud could it be at
its highest point a psychic connection
do you think    bestowing spilling over-
flowing unconditional sloshing the pavement Grace?

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