Four Poems


we have so many aims
that people living in poverty will achieve food and income
and we are trying to agree a price
security, paid employment, tangible health improvements,
a quality basic education - the list is endless
we are making a list
and there are big issues
yet she is adding it all up
death sickness deprivation armed conflict natural disasters
and this one woman who had twelve she used to have two
sittings on a Sunday
to have an effective voice achieve civil and political rights
enjoy equal status with others
yet we'd resort to all sorts Beecham's Little Liver Pills yes?
oh and always gin in the bath after two days late
I'm all front me
so that women and men will enjoy equal rights
all Max Factor
personal or communal violence forced displacement
he used to hit her black and blue
in her head the things
we used to do
and never


she ran home
a sense of dread
her only determinant

she left behind beds
with multiple fractures
oat stains on impeccably
starched linen pillows

she lay in the tin bath
draining sloe til
her blood

came. Dyed her hair black
lived in the city
took evening classes

bought pop tarts
skirts in 4 sizes
tried to forget him

but she could smell
grizzly on
all her lovers
came with roars
and claws

let her roots
show. It's not every
girl makes
a  turn

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