Editor: Carole Baldock

Along with poetry (Up to 40 lines long. Please ask editor first before submitting longer poems), the following are welcome (ideas in first instance, rather than completed articles): suggestions for cover artwork, features (500-1000 words), Past Master section.

Subjects for discussion: 'day in the life', technical, topical - 'the tricks
and gimmicks (some) workshops present as 'tuition'. Or contrast and
compare: 'I'll clean toilets at Piccadilly Circus but don't let me come back as a Poetry Editor'. (see #124)

And as well as fiction (also 500-1000 words), masterly poets (out of
copyright, ie prior to 1932), and the occasional upbeat poem. The Editor is looking for more work from young people (including 20somethings) and women writers. Submissions from the latter incidentally, are fewer than half of those from men - and that's seen as an improvement. So get up, women writers and send in your work.

ORBIS, 17 Greenhow Avenue, West Kirby, Wirral,
United Kingdom, CH48 5EL

Subs pa: 15/4 (Overseas: 20/$32); single issue: 4 (5/$9)
Competitions Bulletin: details of 50+ for poetry, @ 40 for short stories
and around 100,000 in prizes each issue. Only 2 a copy.

Download subs form at www.cherrybite.co.uk

ORBIS - 80 pages of news, reviews, views, letters, features, prose and quite
a lot of poetry.

Submissions by post: four poems; two prose pieces (stating word count).
Via email: overseas only (mention of postal address comes in handy), two
poems or 1 piece of prose in body - no attachments

If work is already held on file, further submissions will be returned. After
publication, hang on for about 12 months before sending in more.

Please enclose SAE with ALL correspondence
Overseas: 2 IRCs (simpler still, ?2 or $2)

Each issue, 50: Featured Writer (3-4 poems/2000 words)
Readers' Award 50 for piece receiving the most votes; 50 divided between four runners-up.

Advertising rates: full page: 20; half: 10; quarter: 5

Rupert Loydell continues as Reviews Editor; review copies and press releases go directly to him: 11 Sylvan Road, Exeter, Devon EX4 6EW

Magazines for review and news items go to Associate Editor,
Matt Bryden, 28A Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses, York YO24 1LQ

Orbis is supported by North West Arts Board