Blood Sprinkled

Grow Fingers



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May not the
Element of space
Rise against me
In acrid acrimony.

From the north
Arrives green goddess
Ghanta of serpent head
Garlanded with skulls
And in her hand
Holding metallic bells
Sounds in surges
Deafening eared knell.

Let me remember
Infinite compassions
The past deeds
For all the things
Great and small
For all the creeds.

For the white dove
For the yellow bear
For fields of worms
For earth borne cares.

Let not the
Element of sun
Arise against me
In wandering thirst
Or burning symptoms.

Yogins arise westward
Bringing seeds of wisdom
With wavering of garlands
Four coloured lights
And the scents
Moulded from purified elements.

All prevailing circles
Let not the element
Of the earth
Arise against me.
In splintered segments.