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Lament Of The Sky I

Red shadows against vermillion plains
Broken bodies mangled limbs and eyes staccato

Shadows living and partly living shadows
Drifting in splendour vacuum of green waste

Hands puckering out of faces
Feet cancering out of necks

Three-headed babies with rabbit-babies
Grinning white skull teeth maizecob-compact
At the white satanic face of the sky

Red groans of the silence
In silence

The hoofed-man debris of men
Grotesque tailed egg broken furred in redseadeath:

Pendulous scrotal sacs growing out of human eyes
Out of vultures's heads floating
In the greenplain cannonlaughter
Of rainwashed emptiness

Distorted incarnations
Out of the beleaguered wombs of the earth:
Open vestibules between thighs drawn apart
Latched by booted feet growing out of a woman's breast
A dismembered penis is floating across parted lips
Under the seer batwings of the lethal sky

The power and the glory of centuries
The silence of the sky

Now the giant irokohead of black smoke
Fades with the memory of the dead

Out of the breakages
Sprout leaves of grass

The sun in goldsea rains at dawn or dusk
Without light and warmth

The bomb-craters are lakes of green
Where fall the shadows
Where float red smell of putrid flesh
Where shine golden stars
Eight-pointed golden stars
In haloed coronets on the head of darkness

White shadows of the red nightmare
Crushed testicles on green grass
The yellow smell of death in the flames of flowers