The Cold Steel
We were surprised by the man-made beauty
Of the Satsuma coloured steelworks sky
The night we were caught in the blackout
When the darkness broke out suddenly round the rec
We doorway-huddled desperate for some warmth
Our eyes adjusted as the rippling beats of orange
Emanating from the hellmouth of the furnace
Cast everything new in flickering shadows
I swear I saw flames dance in your eyes
Walking the same walk warm with whiskey
Street lamps throw different shadows
Coaxing contemplation of my unfamiliar hands
For a moment you're back there beside me
Though the thrill of this ghostly communion
Vanishes into vacuums as I stare at hard starlight
Winking through a sky of squid's ink black
In this world where the steel's stopped flowing
All is hard and separate and infinity is cold.


X-Factor Girl

Poetry? There's no money in that!

The Cold Steel


Love Me, Love My Bomb

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