Poetry ? There's no money in that !
That's right, I calmly claim to be a poet
and no, there're no flower petals in my pocket
and yes I do know there's no money in it.
Once when an engineering factory labouree
A visiting CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY said to me
"Computers and their like - the new technology
are what you should study at university -
Then you'll be this country's future hope "
I'm sure he thought I was high on dope
To want to deal in verse unpatriotic and worse
Apprentice to a trade in a traditional industry
As unpopular as unionised coal and steel
Which does not export so well and a season in hell
Counts for nothing on the stock exchange it's true
Even so I'm glad I'm me not him or even you
Undergrad yuppie with your fiscal forecast very grim
Who looked so surprised when my fist hit your chin
My lover cried "I'm ashamed of your behaviour"
I told her I'm a poet not a hippy or a saviour
I threw a stone into the sea it sank with our romance
But I'd chin that twat again given only half a chance
I wonder if he's advertising man or grim solicitor
And where she wandered to but never miss her ;
That's right ! I calmly claim to be a poet
And if you ask me about my occupation
I'm in this bloody game for the whole duration.


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Poetry? There's no money in that!

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