SENTINEL POETRY #16          MARCH 2004          ISSN 1479-425X



let's play family--

we'll take out the old doll house
the daisy tea set
the painted straw haired dolls

see the mother in pink chiffon
an apron tied about her waist
the father in a smoking jacket
planting kisses on her porcelain face
the table set with silver dinnerware
the baby cooing like a little dove
the brother clasping his hands in grace
the dog's spiral tongue whipping the air

oh, let's play family!

but look--
see the cardboard walls crumbling
the table's legs wobbling
the mother's upswept hair
become undone
the father's neck broken
as he slumps upon the table
the baby fallen off the chair
the brother's hands missing fingers
the dog vehemently licking himself

yes, now we've become a real family
now we've become good
at playing ourselves

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