factNfiction intertwine
the unchecked ivy
rampant on the vine
suffocates the rose
exhales the final breath
from seedling gums.

factNfiction intertwine
the weaving carpet thread
who can explain
so many lands of plenty
still have plenty
searching for their bread.

scenes upon the movie screen
of action, war and life reveal
how factNfiction intertwine
word for reel exact
as midday's news
on channel no. nine.

the annual trek is constant
to take the waters of the cure
to break the bread and sip the wine
but when the lame and sick and tired
depart  the same they leave no doubt
that factNfiction intertwine.

tennis now is played on artificial grass
artificial flowers appear so real
when bees start begging on the street for money
factNfiction intertwine prepare
the spread you place upon your bread
will consist no doubt of artificial honey.

now allow me space to prove my theory
something akin to: E=mc2         
donald is a duck: fact=a
donald duck is fiction=b
therefore donald duck =aNb

factNfiction intertwine
disprove my theory
using algebraic rhyme.


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