Sentinel Poetry Magazine January 2003

Nnorom: In some of your poems I have read, you attack Islam, but in your interviews you now seem to have expanded this campaign to religion in general. What gives you the right to call for the abolition of any group of people's faith?
Kola: What gives these man-made religions the right to stone women for having sex without marriage?  What gives the Bible, which was written by African men, the right to say that women should be put away behind doors when their menstrual cycle is upon them?  What gives Jewish men the right to have an ordained closer relationship with God than Jewish women...and why is it that Muslims believe that women are impure and are such a disgrace to God's eye that their whole flesh should be covered up? 
Please tell me...why is it that holier than thou Muslims such as Osama Bin Laden can have sex with pagan infidels like me and have no one around him question his spiritual vows?  Why is it that Catholic Priests and Arab Imams in Sudan can sodomize little boys and have no one say anything about it?  Why is it that Baptist Ministers of Black America can drive a fancy Lexus, have children by three and four different women...and still be respected by the congregation? 
Why can't I, the mother of the world, have my own religious fantasies--separate from the men's fantasies? And why can't I teach my beliefs to my sons and have my sons teach their sons and daughters...until the world is filled with my fantasies of peace, love, justice and equality?  I call my religion "
The Womb".  Why is it that The Womb is less important than any of the war-mongering, sexist, racist, bullshit religions that men created and forced upon us for the purpose of power and subordination?
When I say that the men's religions should be abolished...I am speaking to only the women.  Because women are the womb-bearers - the real power in this world.  I thought you knew.
Nnorom: No I did not. Ah, just before you go. I am a Michael Jackson fan. People are obsessed with his surgical redefinition of his appearance. You are now one of those voices attacking him. It is his body and he can do whatever he likes with it. I have always been irritated by people dwelling on Michael's looks rather than on the credibility of his sound. The same thing that is happening to you as well, since you chose to advertise your naked body on your book covers. In my view both of you are making statements with your bodies that are important to you. Michael sees his body as a work of art in a constant state of evolution, you see yours as a celebration of naturalness and your own perception of the black African heritage. Why do you then concern yourself with things like the colour of Michael Jackson's skin and Lil' Kim's hair? Are you running out of things to talk about?

Kola: Michael Jackson is a symbol that Black children look up to.  His message, as far as I am that it's better to be a White man than a Black one.  He is White, his children are White, his wives are White.  Do you think this is the example that I want set for my sons?  That they should hate their Black father's African skin and his African hair?  That they should hate the image of their Black mother whose blood is the only real power the world has ever feared--because it's her blood that can change the faces of whole nations?  Is this what I would teach my sons?  To honor two Black people who, in my opinion, have totally dishonored and exploited the covenant of African people the world over?  At least Lil Kim admits that she was lost and suffering from a lack of self-esteem, a lack of self-worth.  She is now in the process of rediscovering her true self and did not intentionally hurt anyone.  But this Michael Jackson is the worst I've seen--and I still love Michael Jackson, no matter what.  I sincerely mean that, because I believe his heart is a good one.  I believe that, like me, he lives in enormous personal pain, I too am a traumatized child.  I just don't want him as a role model for my Black sons.  To me, Michael Jackson is the poster boy for White supremacy.  He's the very meaning of the word "nigger", to me.  Kola Boof is against White supremacy, she's against niggers.


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I call my religion "The Womb". 
Why is it that The Womb is less important than any of the war-mongering, sexist, racist, bullshit religions that men created and forced upon us for the purpose of power and subordination?