Sentinel Poetry Magazine January 2003--Kola Boof Fraud

My name is SUDAN. I am the Goddess Flower; I am the Nile. I place above
all the men's children.

Kola Boof. What kind of name is that? What kind of spell is
this charlatan woman trying to sell us? Why is it that her Black flesh
only makes us think of...carnal things...why is it that her mouth spews
flies from it..lies
Why is it that she is ugly to us. Why is it that her
story is one we have NEVER believed?
Why is it that any Muslim would want to kill her?
And how is it that a Muslim Arab newspaper devoted an entire
article to her...(a woman)....a woman written about and denounced
in a place where women are rarely ever mentioned?Is this not it's own call for Blood?

What is it about Africa...that everything from a fraud? Or a
curse? Or unbelievable? Or dare Jesus Christ say it..."nappy"?
And who
does this uppity Fire Witch think she is?
Who told her she could come here and kick her shoes off?

I am SUDAN. I am a wife. tima...selah, selah.
Once...I had a God who loved me. His black serpent entered all
inside the fleshy corridors of my palace.
This was how I created the earth's first garden.
In our unreality...we took delight; we were high on the Sun.
And when the eyes of my Rapists fell upon me...they thought that I
preferred deceit...Deceit...
above true love.

I am Sudan. I am the mother of my father. I am born under the Goddess
of Trees (March). Men are trees. I am baptized by Buk. I am Naima,
the one who is Victorious; the one
who is praying.
I am the maker of the holy coffee (tima usrah)
I am Kola Boof. I am not a fraud.
Not even death can Silence me.
I came to stay.

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