Sentinel Poetry Magazine January 2003

Kola Boof

Kola Boof Fraud

The White Caucasoid has a religion

He legislates
who is
who is not

He's the mother-f I came all this way to Kill
--mistaking my nilotic blood
for her cold Ivory snot

when I had my first baby

When I had my first baby...his White woman expected
that I would put my baby down
and march with her in the streets
the bloody Kotex in our hot, angry hands!
She says out of her mouth...
the same mouth she uses to eat with
That two-faced White Bitch says to my African face:
And she thought I should put my baby down.
So just many ways she
calls me

she calls me racist....because I don't
put my baby..down, who came out of the Nile between
my legs,
I don't ever watch my baby drown

Go get your newspapers...niggers!
Yes, you...niggers in Ghana, in Sudan, in London
and don't let Mother Africa forget the niggerstock from Jamaica.
After all, you believe in
don't you?
You believe one drop makes you "White"
Ain't that right, niggers?
You believe the Arab and the Muslim is your brother...who looooves
don't you, niggers?
Nevermind what Mommysweet told your lost Black asses.
'Cause let us not forget...sometimes you feel like
a motherless child.

But if you had not Killed your own mother
--then you wouldn't be motherless and you
wouldn't be niggers. For of all the world's
mothers, only yours...The Kola Tree...stands
Stands/surely defiled...and unprotected.

Khaferi ahn Katiatak
eyounSera, Naima

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