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Sentinel Poetry (Online) was established in December 2002, and registered with The British Library, to celebrate the works of members and non-members of Sentinel Poetry Movement. Every poet, from every nation of the world, any age or sex may submit work for publication in the magazine.


Published on the first day of every month, Sentinel Poetry encourages poets who get a bit unsure of what journals to send their work to. It is our belief that a poet must not consciously chisel his or her work to suit the preferred style of a particular magazine editor. Therefore the eclectic nature of this publication opens the door for every poet.


All we ask is that you believe in what you write and to ensure that your work does not libel anyone or ridicule anyone’s religious belief or lack of religious belief, sexual orientation or lack of one, gender, race or age.


Sentinel Poetry (online) was edited by the founder Nnorom Azuonye until January 2005. Current editor, Amatoritsero Ede took control from February 2005.


Welcome to Sentinel Poetry Online—Stand Firm At The Gate Of Your Heart!

2003 Sentinel Poetry Movement. Magazine/site design and building by Nnorom Azuonye. All poems, articles, interviews, letters or other written materials, copyright remains with the individual authors. All rights reserved.

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