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Editor's Note

Change is upon us. As Sentinel has continued to grow, we count on suggestions by well-wishers of the movement who share the dream of building a community that will go on long after we are gone. Recently suggestions by Sylvester Ogbechie and Patrick Iberi to feature paintings and graphics as standard fixtures in Sentinel Poetry magazine have been heart-warming. Indeed history is resplendent with many publications that have combined poetry and graphics successfully. This is part of the new direction to which we are now headed.

From the 2nd Anniversary issue due December 1, 2004, we shall have an Art Section in the magazine. The Art Section shall feature Paintings, Graphics, Photography, Profiles of artists living or passed on and Art Reviews. Because I have no training in this area, I shall be seeking the assistance of artists and appropriately-trained experts -- especially with prose materials on the arts. Eventually we expect to establish a virtual art gallery where paintings and photographs published in the magazine will be exhibited by the artists until sold (if the works are for sale). In line with our planned public readings for Sentinel Poetry, we also have in mind to hold real world art exhibitions in due course. This is therefore a call for artists willing to come on board to help to get in touch with us. I will be approaching some myself as soon as possible.

I am happy that Pita Okute has accepted to join us as a Contributing Editor and will be writing  regularly for Sentinel Online. We are looking forward to more regular writers to bring to life a range of voices here. If you are able to write for us once a month or at least every other month, please let me know by sending an e-mail to:

To further add colour to the magazine, we encourage submissions to the online magazine to be accompanied by photographs of the poets. It is always nice to match a voice with a face.

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Nnorom Azuonye
01 October 2004

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