Sentinel Poetry (Online) #22
September 2004

ISSN 1479-425X



I don't know where life began
Inside of death or in some dream

Or was it the day I met you

Your name changes and even
Your eyes

Revealing differences from time
To mine

A vague satori to understand
This love began

A nirvana of uneven pounding
Its sweeping flight

From heart
To hand

All the more and again it's everything about you
And everything that is not about you

While I'm reeling just in thoughts
That roll like some holy river

In a flow streaming past stones
Surrounded by an ocean

Where another stranger speaks
There it was…I'm okay with it


The humming bird was gently devouring the tiny red flowers
I was contemplating the things you said, those words
Sin of my afternoon to think of no one else

While there is a magic so powerful within the air
Because it only says yes, willingly
Like what brings you to mind

And I wonder if there is a confession here
I wish my eyes could speak like yours
Wanting to undo your misery, to exhaust the gardens of pain

Happy talked the lights
I wonder if you shape your eyebrows
Later in the fallen mouth of dreams
There are so many words
Some are even based on experience
The naked body of remembrance
Like a ghost in one swift doorway
Guessing at the knob
I am turning to you
I am returning to you
With a simple kiss that flirts
Like a song just far enough
To hear it in the distance
It was near the mansions of dawn
Where the sun was still purple
Where I felt the abundance of ardor
Remembering that look
From a picture
If I admit one thing
It would be this bright
Poem written in the wind
Like wedding rice
Or some romantic dice
Touching the fabric of luck
Harmony humming a hope at sunrise

© 2004 Julio Peralta-Paulino

PERALTA-PAULINO is a writer currently working on several projects. Some of his recent work have been featured in Jack Magazine and in the June issue of Metro Seven.

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