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Monica Clarke


monica clarkeMonica Clarke is a poet, writer and storyteller. Through her storytelling she brings human rights alive. She is the author of several stories, poems and books. Her last book is They call me Hottentot Venus, which is the story of an indigenous South African woman who was trafficked in 1810, thinking she was going to Europe to be a nursery maid, ending up in exhibition halls in London and in Paris.

Monica also writes poetry through which she brings human rights alive. She is a keen short story writer.

She educates organisations to fulfil their equality, diversity and inclusion agendas, helping them to engage with their communities in novel ways, so as to improve services. She has worked at both board level and in the community, having herself been a family carer and a foreign national, and she uses her knowledge about the needs of excluded communities to help establishments fulfil their community engagement duties.

She has a long history of working with communities in the UK,  having supported bodies such as the NHS, National Audit Office and Centre for Involvement in England, to include the voice of their service users in their services.

She now also works with HM Prison Service, supporting their Equality & Diversity Agendas through workshops and talks.

Her work is enriched by her own experiences as a refugee in the UK, which she relates through storytelling to learners in classrooms and workshops. Her experience in community work started with the underground African National Congress (ANC) during apartheid in South Africa.

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Judge: Roger Elkin, author of Fixing Things

Prizes: 500 (1st), 250 (2nd) 125 (3rd) 5 x 25 (High Commendation.

Entry Fee: 5 per poem. Enter competition here >>


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