Sentinel Poetry Expression Warehouse



Give me another day my honest nation
Tomorrow, I stride on a trial of abomination
My judges are deaf and blind
My witnesses are mute
My head with thorns is crowned
My opponents play on an unjust flute.
Inject, my friends,
One drop in my veins
That my mission will not be in vain
Give me the power of a million voices
Let their echoes resonate
Over the world and devastate
All the belligerent, untruthful noises.
Cain killed his brother Abel
Possessed his wife and chattel
Since then,
Sins, great have grown.
The mild winds of the East
Restored the progeny of Able to liberty
The tempestuous winds of the West
Crucified him
Whenever from death He came
The ashes of Jesus spread in the Universe
The soil of the West begot Augustine
The soil of the East begot Mohammed
Augustine said:
"The progeny of a slave
Eternizes in chains
As a punishment for his Sins
Let them serve
Their Master with Love
That their Slavery be free"
Mohammed said in his Victory:
"No superiority
Of an Arab to a Berber
But in Piety".
Thirty centuries or more
Of monotheistic generations
Living under the Sun
Rising from the East,
Setting in the West
Integrated Man
From the abecedary of the Holy Tablets
To the New Justice
Generation after generation
Knew the real god,
His holy tablet that "Man
Should not enslave another Man"
When this tablet is broken 
Sins begin
And will never end
But with revolution
When hope is gone
No fear remains
The soul looks for Justice
Upwards, in the heaven domains.