Sentinel Poetry: Expression Warehouse



I am crawling in the darkness of the ground
As the hound does with out a sound
To see in the dawn flights of eagles proud-
I crawl upon thrones of stones- pain abounds       
In mud I danced- in vain ruby tears rained
Stained pain dipped in disdain was what I've gained.
As an arrow I am gliding through valleys of sorrow
To catch a glimpse of happiness'  bitterness soured-
Heads bows when defeat growls, hearts shears when fear howls
In palms of darkens light is shallow
Slashed by thunder, sorrow gasps,  thunder claps
Death prowls with hollow laughs from abyss of self-doubts.
I crawl and I write on ground's darkness of a clouds
Unbounded poetry enlightens the trotters at sun-down.

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