Sentinel Poetry: Expression Warehouse


The Shadow
In the glance of a mirror, struggling to fit 
Contemplates its shadow, a blue parakeet.
Peace blooms about, making life so sweet,
Yet in the mirror, the fog becomes so deep
"Making impossible for a two realities to meet,
Reflection -- refraction to fit-- becomes, but a defeat"
Wrapped in the ghostly veils--I give up--admits the parakeet.
Miming its breath of life a shadow gathers
Within the mirror a gleams contour scatters.
A voice: "I cannot stand you being so grim"
"The shadow cannot talk", the parakeet dreams,
So the conscience enwraps the lucidity in a scream
Of a terror sleep through the hallow darkness of the night,
Where the lofty reason becomes the thorn of gait
Shattering the soundness of the mind easy without fight.
Many times, to easy the doubts of an airy fairy 
Become the only issue for those with a reality not merry-
Wrapped into a saran everything around seems leery.     

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