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In my life
If all of this was just a dream
It would be a blessing,
to those who look beyond their judgement,
the story is quite depressing.
My life is becoming a bitter role,
as stories start to uncover,
but only experience can match the horror,
inflicted upon my brother.
I had a male friend then,
who is obviously converted,
from a character both loved and cherished,
to one that is perverted.
2 years ago my tale begins,
a tale of hurt and lies.
Of how my brother was assaulted,
unseen before my eyes.
2 years of late my brother was,
a victim of my friend.
And all was kept a secret,
but the truth came out in the end.
A month or two ago it was,
my brother revealed all
and I watched my mother as he spoke
and how her face did fall.
He told us of unspoken woe
when he was left alone,
and with my "friend" in public places
and even in my home.
The pervert didn't now
that we knew of what he'd done,
until he got a letter
which would spoil his fun.
He denied the truth with all his might,
and poisoned many a mind,
but to his surprise it didn't work,
it was me they were behind!
He tried to make life a misery,
I'm glad to say it failed,
as each 'attempt' was reported
and my support sailed
unfortunately the case was not
brought before a judge
and to my dismay was added
the fear of a hateful grudge.
But i ignore the threats and rumours
I tell the adults when it's bad
and because I told the truth i saved,
another boy of which I'm glad
truth prevails in all cases,
no matter how bad it looks
as long as you keep your head up,
and follow life by the books.
Don't keep a situation
all bottled up inside you
tell someone important
and they'll be there to guide you
and so my tale has ended
and one day he will get caught
he'll get banged up in jail where he belongs
and justice will be brought!
(a true story by Stefanie Dodd, 16)
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