Sentinel Poetry Expression Warehouse


Obese Man

Escape to his self-made world,
now trapped by re-al-ity.
With no where to run too,
obese, for all to see

A mirror shows his image.
How can this be he?
To see the sadness in his eyes.
this man that all can see.

Voices tell him every-day,
to hate this man with-out a cause.
Always showing the man he is,
forgetting who he was.

Reminders every-where he goes,
of things he can not eat.
Offers from so many,
to all the sacred treats.

Lovers walking hand and hand,
they pass and stare at obese man.
He tries to hide and move away,
longing for a lovers hand.

The pain to walk on swollen feet,
to hide this man so no one sees.
No-thing fits that he can wear,
deaths grip, now reality.

To reach for love my empty hand,
means all can see this obese man.
My final cry before I hide,
for all eternity.

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