Sentinel Literary Quarterly   

Vol. 1 No. 1, September 2007. ISSN 1753-6499 (Online).


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Wandia Njoya

Nnorom Azuonye


Chika Unigwe


Chiedu Ezeanah

David Mclean

John Younger

Lee Firth

Mario Susko

Idris Caffrey

Mathew Martin


Bob Rogers

Noel Williams


Karen Smith

Sule E. Egya





Veronica Pamoukaghlian


excerpt from The Word
My blood is marked by genocide
on the two sides
of these Atlantic lines
My fate was sealed with the bloodstains
of cotton workers from Marash
slaughtered by the Ottoman
and the mixed blood
of conquerors
and massacred
of masters and estranged slaves


'The Word' in full and four other poems

- Bermuda

- African Queen

- Through the Windows of Jean Rhys

- Pamuk


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