Sentinel Literary Quarterly   

Vol. 1 No. 1, September 2007. ISSN 1753-6499 (Online).


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Wandia Njoya

Nnorom Azuonye


Chika Unigwe


Chiedu Ezeanah

David Mclean

John Younger

Lee Firth

Mario Susko

Idris Caffrey

Mathew Martin


Bob Rogers

Noel Williams


Karen Smith

Sule E. Egya





Northwest Passage


by John Younger


Radar experts from a carrier

exploring the Arctic icefields,

discover a tableau of death.

A longboat loaded with the lost,

bares one midshipman, almost awake,

while his shipmates sleep, curled up in furs.


Back on the carrier’s flight deck,

the scientists watch a sudden snowstorm

blow in over the polar wasteland

in a furious whirl of flakes,

once more covering up the catafalque

and its unsuccessful travellers.


But when at last global warming

melts the Arctic cryosphere,

that barge of late voyagers

will imperceptibly slip

into the current’s Southward drift

and reach the deep-drowned destination.


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