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Vol. 1 No. 1, September 2007. ISSN 1753-6499 (Online).


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by David McLean


The stars shall soon be dead
and I much sooner
but you dandelion first.
Do I look to you as does a star
to me
something so far
so distant
with unknown
or no



Nature poem

Lying worthless alone in the sun
I am everything's centre
and no one.
The dandelion yellow eyes observe me placidly
not even amused
I stare back confused
and filled with fear
when the hostility I seek
is missing in the flowers here



What has frozen, and freezes

What has frozen man to stone
in churches and poems is hunger
and hunger's suffering the will to be
that says itself in these pillars

that hold heaven so high
that bar in a life
that collect night.



The tree of knowledge of life and smells
is one of the indifferent things
they say when it comes
we are nothing, already

and today we can be erect as sapient
saplings, our juices love in the face of
mourning, each branch an

yet the sap that slows to its winter
here in me is memory and storied decay
it is the death is dust in the veins
already, and life my dying day


Trees and clouds

the trees would pierce the clouds and hold them down to ground
with purest love and love's purest goodness,
would tame their insane minds with friendly violence,
and hold the clouds as a mother holds her child
close down to ground, their meaning found
and confined to soil's safe-giving life.

But complacent the loud clouds sail freely by,
they are wild in love with blissful wind
and grinning sister moon,
no time for safe soil-rooted security,
happy they are in this gadding madness -
and happy am I - their bastard child.


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