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Vol. 1 No. 1, September 2007. ISSN 1753-6499 (Online).


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Wandia Njoya

Nnorom Azuonye


Chika Unigwe


Chiedu Ezeanah

David Mclean

John Younger

Lee Firth

Mario Susko

Idris Caffrey

Mathew Martin


Bob Rogers

Noel Williams


Karen Smith

Sule E. Egya







- by Chiedu Ezeanah


(For Nnamdi Obioha Azuonye - the Majestic Mista Mystic - Feb.13,1982-July 4, 2001; author of Paradigm City, Iridescent Glow, Rhymes Upon The Clock and Life With So Short A Memory. Nnamdi literally fled this earth with his prodigious talent after a car crash at 19.)



Iridescent Glow


David, exuberant psychic astronaut,

Explodes gigantic galaxies for joy.


A glow beams a billion awake.

The shore's giddy glory quakes.


Tall fireworks in nine hurrahs

Undim a pluriverse of new light

Past vast parched partitions.


A spotlight's nude athletic glides

Torch bonfires of rhythmic strides-

Redeem ambition's iridescence.


A child-hero's bold blue eyes

Flush frail New-Time to rhyme:


Shed like King Cobra's snake-skin,

Phantom Old-Time is lurched behind.



Rhymes Upon The Clock


The thawing cold shoulder of the arctic

Turns the dove's blood pressure atomic.


Largest Lake Chad* is fossil, ditto the Kyoto Protocol:

The ozone layer rues Al Gore's outraged goose pimple.


The ticking clocks are flashing away

Paced with heartbeats ready to race.


The mind, the spirit and the body grow

Toward Paradise's endless tomorrow.


Majestic Mista Mystic, mastermind of imaginings

Baiting infinity with words rapping, brazen, unaging-


Perch again, upon Ra's ancient pyramids.

Transmit the emperor's sun-birthing habits.


Pan bloom time's belly like a laser-

Parachute down the Nile for a Spa.


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