October Expressions




Tomorrow is too distant a dream
Could be rainbows or dust or rain
Who knows?
Moments of gold and gain or cold moments of pain
I stare at my lost expectations
In awe of unexpected realities
Perhaps my dreams are but shadows
Fear to dare and what ifs and maybes

If I?
Should I?
What if and Why?
Visions too vague for even a heteroclite minds eye
So let it be for me to see one moment at any time
To appreciate, be content, hope to recognise a sign
Of fruition that is nigh

For basic foresight of mere mortals will only go thus far beyond
To learn from my past
Hope for my future but of today, be fond
Forget what ifs and maybes but accept the surprise of my legend
Be the best I can be
Today is a gift the here and now, 'the present'!


They whisper boldly, unconcealed my eyes do
The truth concerning wonders so new
When eyes met eyes, did soul meet soul?

For that briefest, shortest,
Sweetest, craziest moment in time
When eternity was a second
Yet a minute but a life time
The slightest, faintest hint of
The echo of a whisper and unsteady
Rhythm of my excited heart beat
Was my souls most joyous,
Loudest, bestest song?

My heart lounged in perfect bliss
My soul felt the harmony of peace
I remembered?
The pleasures of a happy heart
So light, so beautiful to sight

And yet in my natural struggle of every day life
I laugh, I joke, I wine and I dine
Yet awakened within are the once forgotten cravings
Of a lonely heart
That could bravely do without

When eyes met eyes, did soul meet soul?
Look hard in my face, beyond
That bright, big broad smile
They whisper my eyes do, and eyes don't lie.

© 2004 Sally Jasper-Chiwuzie

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