Sentinel Poetry (Online) #37

3rd Anniversary Issue – December 2005

ISSN 1479-425X








Down the Hall and to the Left


Down the Hall and to the Left
Black-jacket shadow;

Love’s sweet honey surrounds
The moon and stars
Hiding the scars
Inside hollow trees-
Fleshy petals
Peeled and impaled.
A squirming red box of brick and bone
Move up close
To that place I hold dear
A hot stove's kettle whistles
Butterfly refrains
Yellow and greenish gold
Midnight blue and tiny purple
All vibrate
A swarm of berries on the end of the branch
Out of reach.
Time lapse
Cushion clouds parted
A full mooneye took it all in
A spider spinning lines in the centre

Where the sun once shone in
On the windowpane
A shadow sat down beside her
Crickets collected cobwebs down below
Water combed the sand free of debris
Morning hid behind bush black and green
Finger strands reaching toward the glass
She tried to avoid in conversation
Yet the mirror listened intently
Throughout the wet morning
Till dawn broke in, uninvited
With a milk-bottle racket
Bird chirping rattle-bone
That lasted throughout the day.
Dismal Percentage
An ancient viscera priestess
Crooked as the seam
Leading down to patent leather hooves
Unravelling tomorrow
As a rope bell dangled in the breeze
Stopping for a moment
To test a crow's beak

The hardwood floor made music
 Under the weight of her heels

And the door slammed shut
With only the wind to guide it.
Netscape. Just the net you need.

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