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Feedback on Sentinel Poetry (Online) #58



Last month’s editorial, The Poetry in the Pity by Amatoritsero Ede is graceful in many ways; for me I think it was a charming prose that captured the restorative essence of writing as an art form. Mr. Ede possesses a gift that shines really bright and I always look forward to his mind’s outpouring. He is a master critic and an apostle of the muse as anyone who has kept date with his editorials religiously like I have done over the years can work out. But his unremitting critique of poetic form, structure and thematic botheration in past editorials has been a cause of worry as I searched for new definitions of literature. I have agonized over his pandering too much to his academic side. I felt he deliberately chose to ignore the fact that a piece of writing can just serve to quell the mind’s restiveness. I wondered why he didn’t pay enough attention to the fact that literature can, amongst many other things be unjustified- like a private love affair between the writer and what is written. He is not alone. A good number of Nigerian writers/scholars with similar literary register and background write along similar patterns and it can be detected in their “grand” cerebral writing style laced, of course with academic references. In the past I have put this down to the haughtiness synonymous with folks from that part of the world and left it at that. So the October edition scored big time for me because not very often have I read Ede build an inclusive folder for literature in such minimalist tenor yet it was loud enough to speak to any discerning reader when he observes: “…writing as therapy usually achieves its best effect and is most ‘inspired’ when it is unconscious - as in the case of a non-writer in crisis, who end up being a writer as a result of those crises…” I will keep reading you as long as you keep writing. Keep up the good work with Sentinel.




Patrick Iberi

Islington, London








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