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November 2007 l POETRY




Ejovwoke Ophori



A Comrade Addresses Marechra



Although it is your heterodoxies I mourn,                      

Their obscuring Africana in nakedness,


Don’t give me Modernism as allusion

Alone for such versifying, 


Breathing (if I am to be as embroidered as your life

Which made of a ghetto, solacement,


Which made of solacement, a ghetto.)

Reposed on Harare’s Cecil Square,  


You dreamed of all scholarships couldn’t suffocate

(The House of Hunger you’d awaken to,) 


Your father was yet gore pinioned on a siding, 

The Beats were yet dinning as though they could spare


An ode to the Second Chimurenga,

But incestuous violence seceded


From your love poems for Bettina. 

Perhaps, she would be blissful


That the English no longer knocked out your teeth,

And impel you to compare your heart with Uranology.








Ejovwoke Ophori

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